The demand for a Mustang 1,500 lbs. (680 kg) capacity skid steer loader has been fulfilled with the introduction of the 1500R.

1500R Pallet Forks

Net Power 33 kW
Maximum Torque 146 Nm
Rated Operating Capacity  680 kg

Operators Cab

The 1500R features a new, state-of-the-art, fully-adjustable operator's cab.


  • Sound reduction material within the cab suppresses outside noise for a quieter operator environment.
  • A front-lifting restraint bar with integrated armrests provides personalized comfort and increased safety.
  • Standard high-back adjustable seat and optional air-ride suspension seat or mechanical suspension seat provide enhanced, all-day comfort.
  • Cab forward design enhances view to the bucket edge. Lowered rear towers improve visibility to the rear of the machine.
  • Hydraloc™ System - Brakes and hydraulics are applied automatically whenever the operator raises the restraint bar, leaves the operator's seat or switches off the ignition.
  • Creature comforts include automatic dome light, cup holder, 12-volt outlet, storage tray and multiple adjustable air vents.


Joystick Controls

  • Digital color display shows real time fuel consumption, engine RPM's, machine hours, engine diagnostic codes, warning indicators and much more.
  • Two control options include T-Bar or Hand/Foot.
  • All instrumentation is conveniently located in the upper-right and left instrument panels for easy access.
  • Hydraloc™ system applies brakes whenever the operator raises the restraint bar, leaves the operator’s seat or switches off the ignition.


The 1500R is equipped with an all-new Yanmar Tier IV naturally-aspirated diesel engine.


Make Yanmar
Model 4TNV88C-KMS Stage 3B
Net Power @ rpm 34.5 kW @ 2800
Maximum Torque @ rpm 146 Nm @1820
Displacement 2.19 L

  • Automatic glow plug heating system provides superior cold-weather starting.
  • After treatment meets all Tier IV requirements through proven technology.


The 1500R has amped-up hydraulic systems which incorporate intuitive design for precise controllability.

1500R Hydraulics

Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard 64.4 L/min
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - Option  N/A
Reservoir Capacity 41.6 L

  • Standard proportional auxiliary hydraulic control gives the operator the ability to adjust attachment speeds with infinitely adjustable flow control.
  • Attachments changes are clean and easy with flat-faced quick couplers that allow for changes by hand instead of tools.
  • Hardened chrome cylinder rods resist pitting, rusting and scratching, extending the life of the cylinders.

Lift Arm

The 1500R features an all-new low-profile lift arm.

1500R Radial Lift Path

  • 42% more visibility with new low-profile lift arm.
  • Selectable hydraulic self-leveling option keeps the bucket level throughout the lift cycle.


Excellent service access and quality components pair up to provide durable machines that are easy to maintain.


  • Large engine cover is hinged and positioned by gas-springs to assist lifting and holding in place, and allows for easy return to closed/operating position.
  • Swing-out rear door easily opens on hinges, allowing full access to filters and fluid reservoirs, for servicing and maintenance.
  • All-new swing-out cooler provides improved access to the engine bay area.
  • Entire ROPS/FOPS assembly tilts rearward with a gas-spring assist for easy internal access to the pumps, hydraulic valve bank and drive motors.
  • All-new cab safety restraint & pull cord safely holds ROPS/FOPS in raised position.
  • Removable plate for easy cleanout of foot area inside ROPS/FOPS


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Operator Station

Standard Optional
Adjustable Arm Rests / Control Towers
Air Conditioning
High-Back Adjustable Seat
Cab Enclosure
  Standard Optional
Suspension Seat - Mechanical
Suspension Seat - Air Ride
Foot and Hand Throttles
Full Instrumentation
  Standard Optional
Integral Access Plate (removable)
Operator Restraint Bar
ROPS/FOPS Level II Overhead Gaurd
Sound Reduction Material
Work Lights - Front and Rear


Standard Optional
All-Tech® Attachment Mounting System
Power-A-Tach® Attachment Mounting System
Anti-Vandalism Protection
Back-up Alarm
  Standard Optional
Brake Control (Auto/Manual)
HydraglideTM Ride Control
HydralocTM Safety System
  Standard Optional
Hydrastatic Drive
Lift Arm Support Device
Switchable Self-Leveling Hydraulic Lift Action
Two-Speed Drive


Standard Optional
Dual-Hand Controls
Hand/Foot Controls
Joystick Controls


Standard Optional
Engine Auto-Shutdown System
Engine Block Heater
Turbo-Charged Engine
Swing-out Cooler


Standard Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics


A. Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised 3876 mm
B. Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised 3023 mm
C. Overall Height to top of ROPS 1948 mm
D. Ground Clearance to Chassis 160 mm
E. Overall Length with 1562 mm Bucket 3101 mm
F. Overall Length without Bucket 2385 mm
G. Wheelbase 988 mm
H. Dump Reach at Full Height 579 mm
I. Rollback at Ground Level 28°
J. Dump Angle 38°
K. Overall Width - Less Bucket 1605 mm
L. Bucket Width 1562 mm
M. Clearance Circle - Rear 1466 mm
N. Clearance Circle - Front w/o Bucket 1153 mm
O. Clearance Circle - Front w/Bucket 1466 mm
P. Seat to Ground Height 904 mm
Q. Rollback at Full Height 99°
R. Dump Height 2380 mm
S. Departure Angle 21°
Standard Tire Size 10.00 x 16.5 HD
Make Yanmar
Model 4TNV88-BKMSR2 Stage 3A
Gross Power @ 2800 rpm 34.5 kW
Net Power @ 2800 rpm     33 kW
Maximum Torque @ 1820 rpm 146 Nm
Displacement 2.19 L
Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard 64.4 L/min
High-Flow Hydraulics - Optional N/A
Reservoir Capacity 37.9 L
Battery 950 CCA
Starter 3.0 kW
Alternator 100-amp
Rated Operating Capacity 680 kg
With optional counterweight 748 kg
Fuel Tank 62.5 L
Travel Speed - Maximum 11.9 km/hr
Operating Weight - Approximate 2671 kg